Ikea’s Magnetic table DIY

Materials: The necessesary tools needed: Ikea Spontan magnetic board (choose the version you prefer), Loose magnets (without any housing), All-purpose-glue, Screwdriver, 4 screws, 4 loose legs (possibly Lack table), 4 bolts for the screws


Where did the idea come from?
Hasn’t it ever happen/occur to you that when you are sitting somewhere for example outside and suddenly the wind blows everything away? Or that the ground on which the table stands is very unstable and causes the table to wobble. This problem causes a lot of discomfort. Especially when for example a glass of wine spills all over those important papers and documents! This problem occurs not only at home but unfortunately also at the cafes, very often in your garden, in your living room with your active pets and kids etc.

Because of the problem mentioned above has the Spontan magnetic board, besides all the inspiring things you can do with it, now serve for a new inspiration in the form of a table. You can make a whole new design from the original product using the right tools. The great thing is that you can choose either the rectangular Spontan board or the round one. In the end what you choose results either in a round or a rectangular table.

How is it made?
There isn’t really a specific way to make this table. But eventually choose the way you feel the most comfortable with. An example is this one: You use a Lack table of Ikea, you unscrew the wooden legs off en place them underneath the holes you made in the corners of the board. What’s so handy about the Lack table is that screws already stand out. The only thing you got to do next is to insert the screws into the holes and turn the suitable bolts on to the screws very tightly. If you don’t have a Lack table, you can also use any other wooden legs that are loose. You’d just have to screw the screws at the ends then first into the wooden legs. Then screw them tight to the board, the same way as you would do with the Lack table legs.

Stick the magnets underneath your beautiful vase, glass, plates and anything else you’d like to put on that table. You can also buy a few more decorative magnets that can be place don top of the table to hold the loose papers. This way you can be creative in the way you change the appearance of the table. Think about the new designs you can create on the topside of the table.

Good luck and have fun while making your own magnetic board!

~ Jorge-Sanne-Wencke, The Netherlands

Jules Yap