Adding remote controlled RGB LED backlighting to Hemnes Glass cabinets


Materials: HEMNES glass cabinets

This hack uses a RGB LED kit to light the inside of Hemnes glass cabinets. The kit contained a power supply, 5m (just over 5 yards or 16′ 4″) of LED strip, control box and an infra-red remote control. I used the waterproof strip as the silicon rubber gripped the shelving really well.

lights01 strip

The remote lets you select any colour and brightness you want along with some fades and colour flashes. I mostly use white as it’s a nice colour to work under. The other colours dimmed down are great for mood lighting. The auto flashing and fades are probably only any good for parties.

The 5m length cut into 3 strips is just enough for my layout of 1 single and 1 double glass cabinet. The LEDs are bright enough to light one end of my room but can be dimmed down to the level you require.

Each of the 3 strips are wired up the front pillar of the cabinet facing backwards or slightly angled to the centre of the cabinet depending on the routing.

I fed the first strip up the removable base through a small notch cut in the wood and then up between the left hand pillar and the shelf. Just take the shelf pin out slide the strip in while pushing the shelf away from you. The strips come with double sided tape but I found the shelf held the strip in place anyway. The 3rd shelf up has a cam lock fixing. Release the cam lock then squeeze the strip in before doing up the cam lock. You may need to release both sides and lift up the shelf a bit to get the strip in place.

whitegreen red yellow 9a

The first strip is just plugged into the control box hidden beneath the cabinet behind the front left leg. I then soldered a length of 4 core RGB lighting cable to the control box PCB to feed strips 2 & 3 in my double cabinet. If you don’t want to solder there are various solder-less connectors on Ebay. When you cut the strips you will see 4 coper pads with a black line. Cut with scissors along this line then solder or connect with pre-wired connectors to these pads.

Strip 2 is soldered to the lighting cable and fed up through a notch in the base as per strip 1.
The strip is fed up through the shelves again as strip 1 but where in passes hinges I twisted it to pass the back of the hinge. On the fixed shelf I had to cut a notch in both sides to make space for the strip. This can be done in an already installed cabinet but you will need to re-pin the shelf to the back board when you put the shelf back.

Where strip 2 ends at the top of the cabinet I then soldered another length of 4 core cable and fixed and hid it along the inside edge of the top bar and joined it onto strip 3 at the top of the right hand pillar. Strip 3 is fed down the right hand pillar as per strip 2. See picture for routing details.

To finish plug the control box into the power supply unit, bend the infrared receiver on the control box so it just appears from behind the leg and you are then ready to go.

See pictures for some of the available colours.

The final image shows my actual PC Workstation set up (including my Hemnes TV bench hack) with white back lighting on.

Full details including video here.