The idea of a Besta cabinet to hide away all our stuff was quickly decided, the problem of a cabinet was the collection of dust on the top of it, of course.. so, once again we took our tools together to modify the cabinet into a wall.. but first things first : the frame built up


First ‘floor’ cabinet structure, next pictures shows the build up for the whole you can see above and on the sides the spaces just gather dust..

IMG_1360 IMG_1361

So we filled the gaps with a frame of wood attached to the sides of the cabinets with simple screws, at the same height as the frame.. then we fastened the mdf-sheets,


The mdf sheets are the same thickness as the Besta Tofta doors (18mm) so the entire cabinet is an ‘insert’ in the surrounding mdf-plating after the silicone-finish and paintjob. .. the pictures show you what I mean..

Thickness the same as the Besta Tofta doors..

IMG_1393 IMG_1394

And the final result : a wall