Papa Was a… Besta’ Stone!

BESTÅ Media Center with stone wall panel. Papa was a BESTA stone hack

I’ve been inspired by an IKEAhackers Post from Chris, who did a fantastic job on his BESTÅ-based media center.

But instead of going with the Framsta Panels, I decided to go for a realistic looking DIY cement stones wall with a couple of light spots on top, hidden in a BESTÅ Burs rack.

But let’s start with the base. I used a couple of white Besta cabinets with black doors and drilled holes in their walls, to be able to hide all those wires from the AV equipment, lighting etc.

I also installed a bright RGB LED into the Besta cabinet on the left, to light up the wines and glases stored in there.

I screwed a couple of drywalls to my existing wall in the living room, on which I glued the cement stones bought in my local hardware shop. The stones wouldn’t stick for very long when glued directly to the wallpaper, also I wanted to be able to remove the entire wall easily.

I left a little space free of stones so I could wall-mount my TV. What I forgot (and regret) to build is a little channel below the TV to hide the wires. As it’s not possible to do this after gluing the stones on the drywall, I decided to use a aluminum panel to hide the wires of the TV. I won’t forget this the next time building such wall 😉

The last thing I did, was drilling four holes for the light spots into the Besta Burs rack (I had to buy two Besta Burs racks, as they’re sold in black or white only. But I definetly wanted a white corpus with a black door). I picked some dimmable ‘Paulmann’ spots from the local hardware store which can be mounted into walls or in this case, into the rack. So everything is hidden in the rack itself… the bulbs, cables etc. The power cable to the lights is hidden within the drywall.

So that’s it… one of my best IKEA hacks so far =)

BESTÅ Media Center with stone wall panel

What IKEA materials I used to build this:
1x BESTÅ Burs rack, white
1x BESTÅ Burs rack, black
2x BESTÅ cabinets, white (120x40x38cm)
2x BESTÅ Tofta Doors, black
1x BESTÅ cabinet (60x40x64cm)
1x BESTÅ Tofta Door with black wooden and a glas-part in the middle
7x BESTÅ Legs

Non-IKEA materials:
Screws + Screw anchors
Paulmann light spots
Decorative (cement) stones
Dry adhesive for the stones

And two days of time 🙂

Total cost of this project was a little above 1100,- Euro …but worth every cent and hour!

See more photos of this project.

~ Jens, Stuttgart, Germany