DIODER LED Vase Holder

Vases, what would flowers be without them? They can be stunning by themselves, but here is a hack to make them really brighten your day.

IKEA Hackers post


1 x DIODER Led Lights
1 x 3D Printed Vase Holder (or download file here)
1 x Glass Vase
(1 x Bouquet of Flowers)

How To

Print the files at a Hub in your neighbourhood or on your own printer. ABS would be the preferred way to go for durability reasons. If your printer is not in a properly ventilated room don’t worry: PLA should do the trick as well. Standard settings should be fine, but make sure you print on a printer with a heated print bed (like our Ultimaker 2), to avoid warping the vase holder. Once printed, place one of the LEDs on top of the vase holder and put your glass vase on top of that. Please note that the base of your vase should be preferably 11 cm. wide for a tight fit or at least 6 cm. to cover the LED.

If you want to go full pro, treat your holder with an acetone vapour bath afterwards to give it a nice smooth finish. (only for ABS)

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