Designer improves on IKEA with 6 thoughtful hacks

3D printed add ons take simple IKEA products to next level.

Adam Miklosi, a freelance industrial designer based in Budapest, has been quietly tweaking some of the IKEA products that he has been using the last couple of years.

“My ideas aspire to supplement the original designs and correct the slips I had experienced, with the help of 3D printing,” he says on his Behance site.

The 3D printed add ons aim to solve real problems and with a little bit of “uppgradera” (Swedish for upgrade) and make the user experience more pleasant and efficient.

UPPGRADERA with 3D printed add ons

UPPGRADERA 3D printed add ons

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Firstly, let’s take a look at the NÄVLINGE work lamp, which comes fitted with a high-power LED. Without a shade, the light keeps shining into one’s eyes. Adam’s UPPGRADERA is a simple clip-on lamp shade which can be used for work, reading or mood lighting.

NAVLINGE work lamp shade

Next, Adam discovered the slippery surface of the KLIPSK bed tray. Drink glasses easily slide across the surface of the tray, causing spills.

His solution is the KL01 mug holder. One or more can be fitted onto the bed tray and positioned alongside the groove.

KLIPSK bed tray 3d printed mug holder add ons
KLIPSK bed tray 3d printed mug holder add ons

If you have one of these STAJLIG clothes hangers, you may have noticed your clothes getting creased easily. And over time, clothes may be worn around the shoulders.

STAJLIG hanger 3d printed shoulder pad add ons

Adam suggests upgrading it with a pair of clip-on shoulder pads. The pads get the weight off the clothes, as well as prevent creasing and wearing out before time.

STAJLIG hanger 3d printed shoulder pad add ons
Open source and printable from anywhere

EKOLN is a stone toothbrush holder with no drainage hole. Water accumulates at the bottom and can become a hotbed for bacteria.

Adam made a drying grid that can be placed near the bottom of the holder to keep the toothbrushes elevated. The grid enables constant ventilation and evaporation of water.

EKOLN drying grid

Like the EKOLN, water accumulates in the ENUDDEN dish, leaving the soap to sit in water all the time. He fashioned a gridded lid for the soap dish to store the soap elevated.

ENUDDEN drying grid

The CHOSIGT is one of the most popular cheese graters in IKEA, thanks to its smart collection and storage system. However, when grating, a lot of grated cheese falls outside the container.

Not anymore, if you have the CH01 ring placed around the grater. The shield keeps all the cheesy goodness contained.

CHOSIGT cheese grater 3d printed add ons

For more information on the UPPGRADERA collection, please visit this link.