EXPEDIT Guitar Display


Materials: Expedit 5×5, GRUNDTAL spots, DRÖNA

I’ve always wanted to display my guitars so I can use them AND protect them.

I built an Ikea EXPEDIT 5×5 shelving unit but only respected the instruction for the bottom row and left the equivalent of 4×5 boxes empty.

Then I built a frame with a plywood plank and cleats, using L brackets to provide a light but strong structure at the back of the display. At this point I drilled holes through the plank to fix the guitar hangers – I chose the cheap but resistant Warwick ones, less than $5 each – and I wired GRUNDTAL spots through the back plank and screwed the power unit to the top of the shelf.

guitarhack_01 guitarhack_02 guitarhack_03 guitarhack_04 guitarhack_05 guitarhack_06 guitarhack_07 guitarhack_08_final

Once everything was tested and seemed reliable to me, I nailed the panelling to the back-frame. The holes through the plank helped me drilling through the panelling easily and I used raceways to hide the spots wires.

When panelling was completed I simply used DRÖNA boxes into the bottom row, my girlfriend told me it “kinda looked like small guitar amps”… kinda :/

I’m still looking for ideas to make it look cozier, maybe a bottom cushion or maybe I’ll cut off a part of the bottom plank to include my Marshall 1×12” amp… or maybe I’ll simply glue Marshall / Vox / Fender plates to the DRÖNA boxes to make them definitely look like amps 🙂 Any ideas folks? I hope you enjoyed the hack.