Hemnes Bar with hidden door slides

Looks like a standard Hemnes wardrobeBut some new hinges and slides make it a bar

Materials: HEMNES wardrobe, pocket door slides

A Hemnes wardrobe was turned into a bar essentially by changing the hinges and adding a shelf insert.
I made a trip to Lee Valley to pick up hidden door slides (pocket door slides) to replace the 90 degree hinges that were standard to the wardrobe from Ikea. Some whittling was required to make the hinges fit while allowing the doors to close and fit properly.

The shelf insert is some project pine, stained in Ebony, forming an “H”, with two fixed shelves on the top and bottom, and an adjustable shallow shelf in the middle. The shelves are dadoed and glued but could be built any way you wAnt.

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy a cocktail.