Hide the Wires

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Materials: Expedit

Want to hide the wires from your entertainment systems but have an open back bookcase?

I used:
1 – Expedit shelving unit with staggered shelves
1 – piece of fabric 36×60 inches, I choose red and white to match the bookcase and the rest of my decor
16 – 1 inch oval Velcro brand “Sticky backs for fabric”

The steps:
1. put the shelf together as normal
2. lay shelf face down on soft surface
3. put the soft side and crunchy side of Velcro tabs together, peel the backing off one side
4. place the tabs sticky side on the back of the bookcase, pressing firmly for adhesion – I put (4) 1 on each corner, (4) 2 more on the top and bottom thicker shelves, (2) 1 more on each side, and (8) at various center points where a cross shelf and an up/down shelf met
5. lay fabric out on top of the shelf, good side down with 2 edges as close to lined up as possible
6. peel the backing off 1 corner Velcro and firmly press the fabric to it
7. repeat, pulling the material gently so that it still lays flat, moving along 1 full edge, and then move to the other edge, completing an “L” shape of Velcros along 2 meeting edges.
8. from the corner of the “L”, find the closest Velcro and repeat the same process moving outward until all Velcros have been stuck to the fabric.
9. I chose to run a few stitches through each of the Velcro pieces on the sewing machine, and put a small staple in each Velcro on the shelf, just to make sure they stayed in place.
10. Set the shelf upright, whichever way that you want to use it.
11. Place your electronics on the shelves, making small slits (just big enough to fit the smallest end of the cables through) directly behind them in the fabric.
12. Feed the wires through the slit, plug everything in, and enjoy not seeing the wires!

I chose to do it this way so that when I feel like changing my color schemes in my living room, I can simply switch out the fabric.