Kitchen Corner Spot Light


This is our first hack. So don’t be too critical with it 😉

A few weeks ago we started to  extend our kitchen. For one of the new corners where we prepare a lot of  food we wanted to have a flexible spot light that can be pulled out from thew wall whenever we work there and need more light but also can be pushed away if not needed.

What you need:

Materials: 1 x FRÄCK (€ 2,59.-), 1x TERTIAL (€ 12,99.-), 2x washers, 2x screws, 4x nuts

Tools: cutter, drill, tape to isolate cables, screw driver


  1. De-install the lamp socket from TERTIAL. You have to cut the cable in order to be able to pull the cable through the poles of the lamp stand.
  2. Drill two holes in the lamp shade opposite of each other
  3. Put the lamp socket onto the lamp shade
  4. Remove the mirror from FRÄCK
  5. Fix the lamp shade on the mounting of FRÄCK
  6. Put the cut cable back together again (Be careful! If you don’t know how to do it ask a professional electrician)
  7. Finished.

Kind Regards,

Mr Good

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