IKEA Kristaller Chandelier gets a little glamorous

Materials: Kristaller light fixture, vintage necklaces (pearl, glass beads, etc)

Description: There is no rocket-science involved with this hack, but the simple act of adding vintage jewelry to a basic chandelier adds a lot of glamour! Thrift stores and garage sales are choc-full of vintage costume jewelry…ready for the picking. I stuck to mostly pearl beads, with a few turquoise necklaces added for a punch of color. The possibilities are endless, really.

1. Scrounge around second-hand stores for some vintage necklaces

2. String them up on your chandelier, changing them around as needed to balance the beads out on each side.

3. Sit back and admire your awesomeness!

See more of the glamorized chandelier.

~ Tracey Kofoed, Canada

Jules Yap