Kitchen upper corner cabinet

Adel Medium brown kitchen hack

Materials: W11530 & w23030

Two Birch IKEA upper kitchen cabinet boxes were used to hack a corner cabinet that is 90 degrees. I don’t like IKEA’s standard corner cabinet because it comes over the counter so far; decreasing light and the amount prep space you can use. A 18″ wide cabinet with 15″ door and a 30″ wide cabinet with an 18″ wide door were used for this hack.

You can use the 30″ or 39″ tall cabinet. You can even do it with the fan or refrigerator cabinet if they are the same heights. Cut off the side of the 18″ cabinet (make sure it is cut to the right size for the 15″ door front). We used a biscuit joint (see image below) on the side of the 18″ cabinet and on the front of the 30″ cabinet. We then glued them and let them set at least over night. The joint will not be in the center of the 30″ wide cabinet and that’s why we used a 18″ door. The 18″ cabinet was cut down so you have to use the smaller 15″ door (measure twice, cut once). A basic piano hinge was used to join the 15″ and 18″ doors together. Magnets are used on both doors and cabinets so they will stay closed and tight.

John Webb IKEA corner cabinet hack
IKEA upper corner kitchen cabinet remodel hack portland

You can not use IKEA’s standard Blum Hardware. The middle shelves are cut from a solid pieces of finished wood to make sure they can withstand the weight from the items in the cabinet. The cabinets are hung on IKEA’s rail system like normal. Now there is a 90 degree corner cabinet using IKEA’s cabinets and doors.

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