Knock down your Malm


Materials: 4x Malm dresser 3 drawers, white stained oak 80 cm + 1 small 2 drawers 40 cm = 440 long dresser

Items used:
5x 701.786.03 – 3 drawers
1x 101.786.01 – 2 drawers

I wanted a long dresser (~4.5 meters) to accented the length of my room.
I could not find anything that was affordable and met my needs.

The height I was looking for was that of a Malm bedroom cabinet with 2 drawers (55 cm).
Unfortunately, this is only available narrow 40 cm wide. And 10 of them next to each other, did not seem very nice.

Solution, buy 5, 3 drawers cabinets and cut the bottom edge off so you are left with two drawers high. (same as the small 2 drawer dresser).

Because the wall is not straight two of the cabinets are made as ‘dummies’ ie they have no drawers.

rsz_dscn1073 rsz_dscn1076 rsz_dscn1080 rsz_dscn1081 rsz_dscn1082 rsz_dscn1083

The first drawer used an L, but in the others, I used a shortened drawer and a residual piece to fill the space between the drawer the side panel, it fits perfectly.

Because there are screw holes in the wood at the bottom because of the third drawer I have moved the bottom shelf forward to cover these. And to match i thit the same with the small dresser. Normally it is about 1 cm further to the rear