LAMPAN Lampshade

Today we feature a very cool hack by VanAllesWat Ontwerp from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. These guys have come up with not 1, but 29 different covers for the IKEA LAMPAN, turning the rather standard looking lamp into an instant eye-catcher.



1 x LAMPAN Table lamp
1 x 3D Printed Lampshade of your choice

How To

Choose a lampshade (we used no.5 Stef) and a filament. We made up our mind whilst printing and swapped the glow-in-the-dark filament for translucent green. This resulted in the top part being white and giving a nice afterglow when you turn of the lamp. For expert print settings: spiralize the outer contour (to avoid filling of the object), set the layer height to .25 and up the speed to 75 (resulting in a very fast 2 instead print). Once that’s done just take of the old lampshade and put the freshly printed one on. Enjoy your new Lamp!

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