Linnmon/Adils standing desk


Materials: 2x Linnmon table top, 8x Adils leg

I made a standing desk using two Linnmon/Adils tables placed on top of each other, with the upper table’s legs shortened to achieve desired height.

I used two 150×75 cm white Linnmon table tops and eight black Adils legs.

I assembled the lower table according to IKEA’s instructions.

Before cutting the upper table’s legs, I tested the height using stacks of books as temporary legs for the upper table. After I was happy with it, I measured the vertical distance between the two tables. This would then be the height of the upper table’s legs. Notice that the leg’s attachment plate and plastic foot together make about 15 mm of the leg’s height. Thus the tube should be cut 15 mm shorter than the final leg height.

I marked the correct height on the legs with masking tape and cut them with a hacksaw. I then cleaned up the ends with a half-round file and attached the plastic feet to them. (I detached the plastic feet from the cut legs with a broom handle.)

Finally, I attached the shortened legs to the upper table and placed this on top of the lower table.