MARIUS Storage Net

Do you have a few MARIUS stools lying around? Attach anything to them using these cool looking multifunctional hooks. The artist behind the models (Lauren Lacy Slowik) is showing a nice application of using the hooks to always have your favourite book nearby:

IMG_2471_display_large copy


1 x MARIUS Stool
4 x 3D Printed MARIUS Clippy Hooks (or download file here)
1 x Rope net (learn how to tie one here)

How To

Print the Clippy Hooks, preferrably in ABS, in a colour of your liking. Default print settings with an infill of 20% should be just fine. If you want a picture perfect end product, treat it with some acetone to give it a smoother finish. Once done, simply clip the Clippy Hooks onto the net and slide them onto the legs of the stool. And voila, you’ve got yourself some extra storage space!

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