RAST triplet sideboard – inspired by Siamese RAST Twins


Since I have built the Siamese RAST Twins hack for my own hallway some weeks ago a friend and I decided to built a different version of this hack. Thanks for the inspiration. We wanted to build a flatter but wider version of it to use it as TV furniture.

What you need:


–       2 RAST chest of drawer

–       3 BESTA push openers sets

–       2 pine wood boards (182,5 x 30 x 1,8) cm

–       1 pine wood beam (142,5 x 40 x 2,8) cm

–       3 brackets (large) to attach sideboard to the wall

–       8 brackets (small) to attach vertical boards to top board – see picture

–       Wood filler for pine wood – see picture

–       9 dowels (6×35) – see picture

–       3 screws (5×80) to attach beam to wall – see picture

–       6 screws (4,5×6) to attach brackets to the wall – see picture

–       12 screws (3×30) to attach vertical boards to base board – see picture

–       3 screws (3×30) base board to beam – see picture

–       6 screws (3×16) to attach brackets to top board – see picture

–       16 screws (3×16) to attach brackets to vertical and top board – see picture

–       8 screws (3×16) to fix the drawer runners to the vertical boards – see picture (optional)

–       sandpaper fine

1. Fill drill holes of drawers with wood filler, sand down drawer fronts and boards. After sanding down you do not see wood filler anymore.


2. Saw off the top (where you can see 4 holes) 2 cm and bottom 27,8 cm of all 4 vertical boards. The picture below is from the Siamese hack, I didn’t make one but the bottom cut must be far higher than the picture shows.


3. Drill through the holes of two vertical boards to use them as the inner boards – make sure to check which vertical boards will be used at the very left and very right


4. Shorten the knobs of four drawer runners by a few millimeters with a kitchen knife and and fix each of them with a screw to the vertical board (optional)


5. Drill base board to the four vertical boards. You need a distance of 58,9 cm between the vertical boards.

6. Attach the top board to the vertical boards with brackets. The original Siamese hack used bolts for that which is probably the better way to do it but we were going to put a 40kg television on top of the sideboard and decided to use brackets to get more stability.

7. Add crossbars to the sideboard. Only 2 crossbars are delivered with RAST we decided to carve out a 5cm ledge out of the original top board because there where already wholes in it to use it with the delivered screws. To get them all fixed we drilled holes for the crossbars at 18 cm in the left and right section and at 20 cm height at the middle section. You can probably use the faceplate you do not use for this hack as well.


8. Attach brackets for wall mounting to the sideboard

9. Attach BESTA push openers at a distance of 2cm measured from the front. You can use any offcut to check the perfect adjustment of the push openers.


10. Attach beam to the wall


11. Place sideboard on the beam and mark points for wall mounting.

12. Drill 6 wholes, place the sideboard again and fix it to the wall with 6 screws.

13. Drill 3 screws through the bottom board into the beam.


We will paint it orange with 2in1 colour varnish during the next weeks.