Hack report - 10

Materials: Wastepaper basket FNISS € 199 and several -non IKEA- components (see the pictures)

Hack report - 01
Hack report - 02

Place the FNISS upside down.
Cut the bamboo rods as long as 1450 mm.
Connect the ropes (220 mm) to the nipple and put cable, fitting and and the nipple.
Carefully measure out the places to be pierced with a hot welding device.
Stick the tie wraps through the holes.

Hack report - 04

Hack report - 05

Put the sockets to the down side end of the bamboo rods.
Close the tie wraps loosely and close in the looped ropes and the cable.
Stick the rods through the tie wraps, close them tightly and cut the ends.

Hack report - 06

Hack report - 07

Hack report - 08

Hack report - 09

(Updated: May 5, 2014)
CAUTION: The electrical components used in this hack is not suitable for outdoor use. Please use the right electrical components if you wish to adapt this hack for outdoor.

Jules Yap