Bath Toy Storage that Transforms to Guest Luxury Bathroom

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Materials: Grundtal Rail; Rationell Waste Sorting Bin

Bath time with toddlers is a lot of fun, but all those tub toys can start to take over the bathroom. We have plenty of storage space in the bathroom cabinet, but the problem was that by the time the tub toys finally dried, and I got around to putting them away in the cabinet, it was time for another bath. As a result, the toys ended up living on the edge of the tub most of the time. After being unimpressed with most of the tub toy storage options on the market, I decided to create my own using the Ikea Grundtal Rail.

After considering different options to hang from the Grundtal rail, I settled on the Rationell Waste Sorting bins because they are ample in size (big enough to hold quite a few toys). In order to solve our bathtub toy problem, we needed to be able to put the toys away wet, while still allowing them to properly dry out, so we used a small drill bit and drilled numerous small holes in the bottom of the bins, including right along the front edge, to allow excess water to drain right out.

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blue i style - BathtubBinsWithHolesInBottom

We installed the rail above our tub tile surround, but placed it such that the bottom of the Rationell bins sit just below the top of the tile. This ensures that the draining water will not damage the wall.

To make our new tub toy storage more fun, I added bright blue labels to the front of the bins using adhesive backed vinyl. The bins are now filled with all of our boys’ tub toys, as well as baby shampoo, body wash, and wash cloths. Quick, and simple, but oh-so-stylish tub toy storage!

Since we bathe the kids in our guest bathroom, we wanted this storage solution to be able to convert to something more adult-appropriate when we have friends or family staying with us. When guests visit, we want them to be comfortable and relaxed, and while bath tub toys are fun, they don’t exactly scream relaxation. So to transform the rail for guests, we can quickly stash away the bins of toys in favor of more grownup bath time essentials. The Grundtal rail provides the perfect spot to hang a towel, magazine, a loofah, and a basket for soap, body wash and lotion, and gives the guest bath a spa-like feel!

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