IKEA PS lamp goes (exploding) death star

IKEA PS lamp Death Star

Materials: KEA PS 2014 lamp – orange

Since the lamp as it is just screams ‘turn me into a death star’ thats what I did!
With some help from some sticky tape, a picture of the death star, a scalpel and some grey plastic paint it was pretty easy to do.

First I masked the parts of the lamp that I wanted to keep white. This took some time and a lot of patience. Especially the laser part was tricky. I drew the pattern on a big piece of tape and cut it out using a scalpel, then applied it carefully to the lamp.

The next part was easy, just paint it over twice to get a good cover. Some of the paint found its way underneath the tape but that only added to the rough death star look. After all, the death star is from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

IKEA PS lamp Death Star

Last, I removed the tape and admired the result, making sure that it looked good as exploded as well. The fact that I chose the orange lamp added to the explosion look.

Must say I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.