KALLAX mudroom

kallax mudroom5a

kallax mudroom6a

kallax mudroom4a

Materials: Kallax 2X4, 1X4, 2X2, Drona box, Akerby countertop, Kallax door, Kallax drawers, Perfekt plinth.

I wanted a nice built-in mud room for our new house, but didn’t have the time to commit to making custom millwork. Kallax to the rescue!

IKEA gods say “do not hang 2×4 Kallax on the wall. Using an extra pair of wall brackets scavenged from a set of Akurum cabinets, I tempted fate and have mounted it to the wall. This has Drona boxes and Kallax door units in it.

kallax mudroom1
kallax mudroom2
kallax mudroom3

To build the storage bench and “drop zone” counter, I built a 4 1/2″ tall kick box from 1/2″ plywood. After this was leveled to the floor with shims, the Kallax units could be attached. To fit the available length, the 1×4 unit had to be cut down before assembly. Have no fear! This is easily done, and the side panels will screw right on after drilling the matching holes. The bottom 2X2 and 1X3.5 units are held out from the wall to maximize the 22″ depth the mudroom cubby has to offer. I attached a melamine back to the 1X3.5 unit to finish the back of the cubes and prevent stuff falling out into no-mans land. This is not needed on the 2X2, as it is populated with door and drawer units. One of the cutoffs from the 1X4 is used to close off the open end of the 2X2 unit.

After the finished 1X3.5 and 2X2 Kallax units were attached to the kick box, Akerby countertop was cut and scribed to fit the wall. The birch Akerby is a match for the birch door and drawer units, and is a less expensive option than Numerar. The Akerby tops are held on by a few blobs of silicone, and will be finished in a clear poly. Stainless-look Perfekt plinth is siliconed to the kick box to finish the millwork.

A great built-in look with off the shelf components! About $450 US and 5 hours.

~ Carl Crawford