Lego Logistics


Materials: Trofast storage units (2)

We decided to create an IKEA-hack for our boys’ play table (and Lego storage). We purchased two Trofast storage units. My recommendation is to get many of the 1/2 size bins they are fantastic for Lego. Initially our plan had been to merely join the two storage units back to back. However, we watched the boys playing around the units and realized a space between them would be even better. Not only would they have a permanent fort to play in, they could access the bins from both sides.

We bought a sheet of thick plywood from Home Depot; painted it with good quality wood paint (3 coats and lots of sanding). Attached the plywood from inside the Trofast units. Less than 24 hours from conception to completion and the kids helped too!

See more of the play table.



Jules Yap