Running with Billy

treadmill desk

2 x Billy Bookcases (Width: 80 cm, Depth: 28 cm, Height: 202 cm)

Having used a pair of Billy bookcases as a standing desk for a while, I decided to go the whole hog when a friend loaned me her treadmill. The top and shelf are cut down sides. Additional bits:

* Runners for extendible keyboard shelf (around $10)
* Two desk gromits to drop cables through ( around $12)
* Wood-coloured plastic panel jointing strip to hide the gap in the back panel ($5)

You’ll need to use a 15mm Forstner bit to make the rebated holes that the supplied grey lock-nuts sit in (you know – those doodads you turn to lock permanent shelves and sides together). You’ll also need to use a hole saw drill attachment for the cable gromit holes. A few extra wood screws helps too.

Precise measuring is essential, of course, but I’d also advise the use of drill bit collars to make sure all new holes for dowels etc are done to just the right depth.

When filing/sanding the holes for the cable gromits – which I had to do ‘cos my hole saw drill attachment was just a tad too small – it’s a good idea to stick cellotape over the affected laminate on both sides where the edge of the hole is going to be. This helps stop the laminate lifting from the particle board when your filing/sanding the edges to size.

These treamill desks are getting pretty trendy now and all up (and assuming you already have a treadmill) this costs around $150. That’s gotta be worth the time to build eh?

~ Robin