Very first kitchen rack

I’m now 18 years old, still living together with my parents but living more or less apart from them in my own floor.
So I came up with the idea, (as a first step into an independent life) to buy a fridge :).

I also wanted to at least have a coffee machine on my own to stay productive during my daily routine.
The thing missing was just a rack or something like that to organize all those kitchen stuff. I had a look on several IKEA products but none was likely to be made for my 52,5cm high fridge. When I spontaneously was at the store, I found a product line called “KALLAX” which is built quite solid for its entry-level like price. As well I bought a MALM glass-plate which more or less fits on that KALLAX rack and lends him a more premium look and feel.

DSC02895 DSC02897

  • KALLAX – 19,00 €
  • (MALM Glass Top (Grey) – 13,00 € )
  • (10 POKAL tumblers – 5,00 €)
  • (IKEA Cappuccino creamer – 1,00 € )
  • (Fridge – 95,09 € –
  • (LED-Strips, somewhere from eBay, just to live up to my motto “If it isn’t glowing, it’s likely not made by me”

Now where is the hack? Kallax is likely to consist of 4 squares in which you can put modules like drawers, trays, doors.
The rack itself is 77cm high, but my fridge has 52,5cm aswell, so it can’t as regular be separated in 4 same-size and shaped squares. So I just left out the vertical ones, drilled some additional holes somewhere higher to make the fridge fit just beneath the shelf. The left space I filled with the POKAL tumblers I bought and a small-sized combination of ash-tray and trash-bin for my used pods. On the top of the rack I placed the refurbished, unused pod-machine from my parents 🙂

DSC02900 DSC02907