Reliable Appliance Garage out of 2 MULIG shelf units

I needed a shelf unit in my garage to hold all of my kitchen appliances.

I had an open slot between my upright freezer and hot water heater, so I searched for weeks for something matching the dimensions and requirements I had. It had be the same depth/height as freezer, open-sided to keep ventilation flowing around freezer and hot water tank, white to match its potential neighbors, and have as many shelves as possible. Everything I found was too wide for the depth, or too shallow for the width available. I found one industrial shelf that fit the requirements, but it was $375 and only had 3 shelves.


I saw that the MULIG shelf unit was the perfect width and height, but it was too shallow by exactly half of the available space, so I bought two units and bound them together front/back to create a deep appliance garage. I simply used the included wall anchor hardware to connect them together. Each shelf came with two wall anchors, so I placed one wall anchor couple under the top shelf and screwed them together with a bolt/nut combo, I put the other couple under the third shelf on the opposite side; it has been as sturdy as a single unit from day one and is still working out great a year later. I used different wall anchors from the hardware store to secure it to the back wall. Zero wobble.


My appliance garage perfectly fit the area available and it cost me less than $75.

I wanted to post this so anyone out there with the same hard-to-utilize space could see a simple and inexpensive solution. This may work well in a deep but narrow pantry area.

~ by Heidi