The patio at my apartment does not have a lot of space so to maximize its usage I wanted to install a bar that was not attached to any external structures.

Ikea Parts:

PRÄGEL Countertop (1) – $80 Can
GERTON Leg (2) – $25 Can
EKBY STÖDIS Bracket (4) – $1 Can

Non Ikea Parts:

Galvanized steel strapping (25 feet) – $6 Canada

1) Measure and drill GERTON legs into the base of the PRAGEL countertop, roughly a 1 inch inset from each edge. Once the legs were attached they were adjusted to the height of the patio railing.

2) I then used the the EKBY STODIS brackets as a guide to prevent the countertop from sliding forward or backward along my existing patio railing.

3) To prevent the countertop from warping due to exposure, galvanized steel strapping was then used to further secure the bottom of the countertop to my patio railing.


Future Plans:

– apply a protective coating to the countertop to prevent any weathering from occurring
– add a railing to the edge of the countertop to prevent any accidents involving beer cans falling to the ground.

Jules Yap