Easiest LACK footstool hack ever


Materials: Lack Side Table, Poang footstool cushion

Circumstances outside of my control forced me into a spending freeze. I wanted to buy a Karlstad ottoman ($139) to go with my Karlstad sofa, but had to put that plan on hold. Lack to the rescue!

I had a Lack table already, and to convert it to an ottoman, I purchased a Poang footstool cushion ($10-$30). The guy at Ikea gave me a strip of velcro to secure it (free).

The Lack table is ~17″ and the Karlstad sofa cushions are ~18″ high, according to their specs. However, because I have carpet, the weight of the sofa made it sink, so I had to have a few inches of the Lack legs cut at Home Depot (free).
Easiest Ikea hack ever! The ottoman is super comfortable and looks reasonably nice, too!