EFFEKTIV cocktails

20071206_0167 (800x600)

Materials: EFFEKTIV cabinets (no longer available but the same can be done with many currently available IKEA cabinets)

First, I designed a layout of cabinets that would be able to serve as a bar (incorporating a half fridge), electronics cabinet, and living room toy box for our little guy’s favorite toys.

I assembled the cabinets but cut the tall aluminum feet way down to make the cabinets a comfortable bar height (around 36”).

For the short glass front cabinet over the roll up door cabinet, I ditched the stock shelf and made one out of glass since this holds all of the bar glasses and cocktail paraphernalia. The liquor is down below in the roll up. The cabinets to the far right hold entertainment electronics while the ones to the far left are full of toys (I know, a bit twisted to have the toy cabinet in the same bank as the bar but, hey, what are ya gonna do?).

20071206_0175 (600x800) 20071206_0169 (800x600) 20071110_0101 (800x600)

Anyway, the wood top of the cabinets would never make it under multiple spilled drinks so I made a concrete countertop to sit on the cabinets. NOTE: be careful if you go this route because not all cabinets can handle the extra weight of concrete. If needed the sides of the cabinet can be reinforced with extra plywood to add vertical rigidity. If you’re not super crafty with a hammer, you can also just get some pavers that you like and hone them down with a concrete grinder which is just like an angle grinder but is plumbed to water (See the last picture) and set them on top of the cabinets.