Hackers Help: How to Create a Long Office Desk with Filing Cabinets



I would like to build a 10ft long desk using 2 Ikea table tops. The ends of the table would be attached to adjustable legs, and the middle of the table would have 2 filing cabinets underneath.

Possible items: Erik Cabinet, Galant Table Legs, LINNMON table to, Malm Cabinet

Before doing this project, I had two specific questions on the build:

1) How would I secure the table top to the filing cabinet? If the cabinet is wood, should I screw from the underside of the cabinet going upwards, leaving the top smooth. If the cabinet is metal, should I use glue?

2) How should I secure both table tops together? Should I glue the sides together? Is there a better method?

I’ve attached a picture of the hack I found on Ikeahackers.net that I wish to emulate.