HEMNES baby changing table


Materials: HEMNES dresser

We need a changing table for our first child.
Since we did not like the finished changing tables, we built a changing table from the Hemnes dresser from Ikea.


The three sides are 69.5 cm wide and 15 cm high.
The board on the back is 107.4 cm wide and 16.8 cm high.
To increase the bed surface, we need a board back (107.4 cm wide, 15 cm high) and a bar (107.4 cm wide, 4.8 cm high).
On the sides of the head with two strips is (71.4 cm wide, 4.3 cm high) fixed.

All parts were cut us at the hardware store from commercial boards free of charge.
Only the curves we have to cut with a CD as a template and a jigsaw itself.

All boards are 1.8 cm thick.

A few screws later the changing table was ready.

All the holes for the screws should be pre-drilled.

Enjoy rebuild.

Greeting Eteif