KURA Little Forest House


Challenging the limits of a pre-defined object, I studied its construction system, its vulnerabilities and material language to alter it looking for another use, not documented or anticipated in the original proposal.

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With a playful catalyst, I altered the structure extending the construction system and wrapped it in MDF with wood veneer, creating a LITTLE FOREST HOUSE with two spaces for play and relaxation for the child.
The “house” has two levels and it can be adapted to the different needs of the child as she or he grows. In this case, I proposed to use the top as a bed and the bottom as a play or entertainment area that can be experienced as a playhouse, with mini-doors and mini-windows, or as a music or reading area that the child and adult can enjoy together.

Updated 17 Jan 2015

Gisela sent us more photos and also the plan. Yay! ~ Jules

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Download the plan here.