Super cute kids loft bed made from IKEA cabinets

kids loft bed idea
Photo Credit: @servusmami

Chia, a creative parent and DIY enthusiast has taken the concept of a space-saving bedroom to new heights with her ingenious hack of IKEA SMÅSTAD cabinets. She transformed the simple storage solution into a multi-functional kids’ loft bed and play den for her two children, showcasing the project on her Instagram account @servusmami.

For this hack, she used two SMÅSTAD wardrobes and a 4-drawer module to serve as pillars for the loft space.

The design features a cozy bed nestled beneath the loft, with another bed on top, providing each child with a private sleeping space. The loft space is not just a place to sleep; it also includes a charming reading nook on the other end where the kids can indulge in their favorite stories. She used the TOLKNING handmade rattan headboard for the lower bunk to surround the bed head.

Smart storage under the stairs

Photo Credit: @servusmami

One of the most innovative aspects of Chia’s IKEA hack is the staircase leading to the top bed, which doubles as bookshelves and storage drawers. The stairs are custom-built but made to fit the size of SMÅSTAD drawers. This smart use of space provides a safe way for the children to climb into bed and encourages a love for reading by keeping their books within easy reach.

Chia chose calming sage for the structure, infusing the room with freshness and fun. This choice of color makes the bedroom a soothing space that stimulates her children’s imagination and creativity. What’s most striking is the tree wallpaper from Rebel Walls, dramatically tying the entire space together.

While nearly complete, the project still needs some finishing touches, like a lamp and additional decor. Despite these minor details, the room is ready for her boys to move in and start creating memories.

In her Instagram caption, Chia is thrilled with how the project came together. “We are totally happy with the result. The boys love their new room and even thanked us,” she writes.

She reveals that the inspiration came from a nursery designed by @benniamadiinteriors, which she admired on Pinterest. She replicated that aesthetic in her children’s bedroom with a few personal tweaks, creating a functional and colorful space where each child has their little area.

The response to her DIY loft bed project has been incredibly positive. Followers commented with multiple heart emojis and complimented the fantastic DIY job. Chia reflects on her childhood, sharing that she also had a sibling room and cherished those memories. She hopes this newly designed space will become the backdrop for many happy sibling moments for her boys.

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