MALM & BILLY Storage Wall


Storage-wall based on MALM and BILLY shelves.


Me and my son built this storage-wall in my old apartment, based on BILLY shelves and MALM drawers, with some additions.

Work in progress:

Step 1

The furniture is built as usual, with the exception that the small “base-plank” at the bottom of each piece was placed in the front evenly with the front/sides, and not recessed as usual. IIRC the top part of the drawers also needed to be pushed back a bit, to get a flat front surface. Since only the front is visible, it was easy to just drill and place screws to hold those pieces in the new place, without concern for how it looked from the side.

Wooden 2-by-2:s are used as a frame to hold it all in place, joined with metal brackets. In the middle there will be a sheet of plywood, on which there is a mirror, ordered at custom size from a glazier.

Step 2

The same wallpaper as used elsewhere in the room, continues over the wooden frame, and at some places slightly out onto the shelves, to let it all seamlessly join with the walls. We also continue with the same skirting/baseboard as elsewhere.

The part in the middle, surrounding the mirror, is made out of parts from a BILLY bookshelf, to get the same type of wood and colour, but with the pieces cut and screwed together as needed to fit it. At the top some snap-in spotlights are placed. The space between the shelves, where the 2-by-2 are, gives a gap for the cables. There are also a power outlet in the small left shelf, to allow charging mobiles or similar.

To finish of some standard doors was added to some of the BILLY shelves, as seen on the completed image at the top.