My Glam Malm Desk

My Glam Malm Desk

IKEA items used: 1 3-drawer Malm, 1 4-cube Kallax, 1 adjustable leg

Other things used: 1 large wood door, refinished with paint as desired (the door in this hack was 32″ x 83″x 1.75″); L brackets, 1 1/2″ piece of wood (cut to the width and length of the bottom of the malm), 1 piece 1/4″ plywood (cut to size of back of the Malm), 1 1×3; approx 40 ft 1″ lattice moulding; 3 pieces 3″ hobby wood panels (1/4 inch).


  1. Assemble both Malm and Kallax according to instructions, leaving off the tops of both pieces
  2. Attach 1/2″ wood to the bottom of the Malm, creating a solid bottom for the Malm (this evens the height difference between Kallax and Malm).
  3. Cut the 1×3 wood to fit across the entire front bottom of the Malm as a baseboard covering the new bottom. Attach with screws.
  4. Attach plywood in place of cardboard backer on the back of the Malm.
  5. Cut and attach 3″ hobby wood on remaining baseboards (two additional sides of the Malm, only one side of the Kallax). Cut and attach moulding to remaining edges.
  6. Position door on top of the two pieces as desired. Attach with L brackets. Add leg for additional stability as needed.
  7. Drawer pulls were also added for a little extra “glam”.

~ by Shelly Ciarella