Tiny kitchen table from Brokhult & Adils


Materials: ADILS legs, BROKHULT kitchen door

I wanted a tiny kitchen-table-for-one to put in a very “space-challenged” apartment, but the small dining tables attach to the wall and I didn’t like the look of the smallest desks Ikea had on offer. I found a BROKHULT piece the as-is section for 1.50€ (it appears to be a cupboard door) and I attached four ADILS legs to it. The screws which come with the ADILS are too long for such a thin table top, so it cost me a couple of euro to get shorter screws from the hardware shop. All up it was about 14 euro.

Since the legs are all individual, I would not climb on it, but it’s perfectly stable enough to hold a plate or my morning coffee mug, and providing you don’t drag it across the floor it would be fine even with quite heavy items like a microwave etc. The surface itself is very strong. Being a kitchen door, it will probably hold up to stains and scratches quite well. In the picture are two Marius stools which were 3.50€ each. I could not find the exact door on the website, but the tabletop measurement is about 60 x 65cm.