Expedit Desk to Dining

Materials: Expedit Desk Add-On

Description: What I love about this hack is that it doesn’t damage the original desk at all except for a couple extra holes on the underside of the desk surface!

I rarely use my dining room for eating, and was short on desk space, so I thought, why not put a desk in my dining area? That way, if I’m on the phone, I have a surface to work on, and eat as well!

To hack:

Assemble desk as directed except for the mounting brackets.

Additional materials:

24″ – 30″ bubble level
(6) 1-1/2: L-Brackets
(12) plastic wall anchors
(12) 1-1/2″ #8 drywall screws
(12) small wood screws. Washers may also be needed depending on the size of the screw head.
Hardware will vary depending on wall type.

To mount to the wall, I propped the assembled desk onto the wall where I wanted to mount it. With a level, I drew a line on the wall underneath the desk. This is the line where the L-Brackets will be mounted to the wall.

Then, I taped the brackets to the level, starting 2″ from the ends of the desk surface and spaced them evenly, about every 4-5″, held it to the wall, and marked the drill holes.

Attach the brackets to the wall with the horizontal arm on the bottom. This will mount to the underside of the desk so no hardware is visible.

Once the brackets are attached to the wall, lift the desk onto the brackets. Mark the remaining holes on the underside of the desk.

Remove desk, flip onto side to drill pilot holes.

Return desk to wall brackets and screw desk to brackets from below.

Done! This took me about 2 hours to complete… because I didn’t have enough screws, I had to make a 2nd trip to the hardware store!

~ Maureen Soules, Twin Cities