Turn “picture holder” RIBBA into coffee capsules holder


What I used:
– 1 picture frame (RIBBA)
– thick cardboard from IKEA (maybe from paper container)
– green wrapping paper from IKEA (FRAMSTÄLLA)

What else I needed:
– box knife
– tape
– ruler
– compass
– self-adhesive plastic foil

What I did:
1) Take everything out of the frame. Use the wooden back or the glass, to draw the outline on the thick cardboard. Cut the cardboard and make sure it fits in the frame. You will not need the glass….

2) Measure coffee capsule and do some math 🙂
My capsules are 4,4cm. I drew 4×9 5cm squares on the back of the cardboard (used ruler here) and with the help of the compass I made 3,5cm circles. I made the circles slightly smaller than the capsules, so they wouldn’t fall through!

(01) (02) (03)

3) Cut all holes from cardboard using box knife.


4) Lay out self-adhesive foil and put the green wrapping paper on it. Cover the cardboard with the now waterproof green wrapping paper.

(05) (06)

5) Cut 36 holes in wrapper. I did this by poking a hole in the middle and cutting 8 lines to the outer rim of the cardboard holes.


6) Put the wrapped cardboard in the RIBBA frame, tighten with the metal flaps on the RIBBA.

7) TADA!


Jules Yap