70s style “chrome ball” lamp

ball lamp (1024 x 1824)

Materials for each lamp:  3 Nassjo candle holders, threaded tube used in lamp making, electrical socket used for lamps, electrical wire w/plug, lamp base (I made mine from a 6x6x2 piece of wood that I finished to simulate black lacquer with a hole drilled through the center and through the side through which the electric wire is passed. ), shade of choice, Aluminum tubing of a size that will allow the threaded tube to fit through it.

How to assemble:  Drill hole through all candleholders to accommodate threaded tube. Stack candleholders with the larger diameter candle indention to the BOTTOM, and then onto the base. The threaded tube needs to be long enough to allow a washer and nut on the underside of the base, through the candle holders, and protruding approx. 4 inches above the top holder. Cut a piece of aluminum tube that will fit over the threaded rod.  Thread the wire through the base and up through the candleholders and out of the top of the threaded rod. Slip the aluminum rod over the protruding threaded rod. Wire the socket and tighten the nut at the bottom and the socket at the top. Add shade.

Tip: Before cutting threaded rod, screw on nut just below where the cut will be made, then screw off the nut. This will straighten the threads.