Hektar Lamp Shade

Materials: Old lamp. Pliers. Bulb fitting. Patience.

Description: I had an old bedside lamp that I bought from a store in Cape Town called LIM. It was fairly expensive and very designer. The only problem was the lampshade kept melting when I used high wattage bulbs. So I was always on the search of a more robust shade. Made from metal.

I walked into Ikea recently and they have a new range called HEKTAR.

The moment I saw the smallest (clamp style-bedside) version, I knew it was worthy of a hack!

Bought it today. Took it apart (had to break the plastic bulb fitting-hence the replacement) but once I had just the metal shade, I attached it to the existing lamp frame and fastened it with the new fitting. Connected the wires. Screwed in the bulb.

And here you see my awesome brand new designer bedside lamp that can handle hot bulbs and looks totally wicked.

~ Shai Hirschson