Bathroom Transformation


Materials: Akazie, PLATTA decking

The bathroom that I show was completely white. and the perception of every person that entered the bathroom was… that the bathroom looked very simple and very cold, and that is why I decided to transform the bathroom so instead of transmit a feeling of coldness would transmit a feeling of a warmness and relaxation. I also wanted that as soon as a person would get into the bathroom, would feel like in a spa.


As I said before everything in the bathroom was white. I did not have a big budget for this project, so as soon as I saw the Platta wood tiles from IKEA, I thought that they were perfect for this project.

This kind of tiles are most of all used for the terrace or for a balcony, but I thought… why not putting them in the bathroom?

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I also gave some color to the bathroom by adding some dark red details, such as towels, candles, glasses, etc. ( most of this products were also bought in IKEA)

I am very honestly very satisfied with the result. Hope you also like it.