Shoji screen from Molger Bench

Materials: MOLGER BENCH, screws and other fasteners

Description: The wonderful 4×8 foot shower in my new house has 12 linear feet of window with a low sill that looks directly into an adjent park. If I had just frosted the glass, I’d be still have rather provocative shadows on the shades when I bathed.

In needed something more opaque, but that would still admit light. Something with an Asian sensibility.

My colleague/carpenter, Joe Kilbourne, and I took the latticed shelves from three Molger benches, spliced them together, attached short sections of the nifty legs with plastic feet to keep panels out of the damp. I did have the glass frosted behind the Molger lattice, which advances the Shoji motif.

Drilled holes in the ends of panels fit over stainless steel pegs epoxied in place on the end walls to prevent over turning. To remove, I can just shift panels from side to side and remove. The end window opens; I can rotate the short section upward to operate the window controls.

And, in the end, we had enough length of shelves to assemble a shorter bench that sits nicely in the shower.

~ Lynn Perkins, Seattle, WA

Jules Yap