Besta tilt out hamper

The cabinet with the tilt out doors open

I was searching for a solution  to create a built in hamper. The Besta cabinets turned out to be the perfect size!

The cabinet with the tilt out doors open

I used a double Besta cabinet on the bottom and added a smaller unit on top to create a more playful look.

I attached the doors using flap hinges. I had to drill holes for the hinges that were deep enough to make sure the door wouldn’t stick out above the cabinet. This allowed me to put a drawer in the upper section.

I attached braking joints to keep the door from falling on my toes… These joints also make sure the doors stay open in any position.

I attached 4 wire hampers inside the doors.

And finally I added some magnets to make sure the doors close perfectly.

I now have a good way to sort my laundry and the hampers can be removed easily so I can take them to the laundry room.

The finished cabinet.


One door open showing 2 hampers. Both doors open reveal 4 hampers.

Tilt out hamper door open

The magnet that allows the doors to stay closed.


A closer look a the breaking joints.

Breaking joint

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