2 unique display cabinets for small and large collectibles

ikea horizontal display cabinet

It’s not always easy to find the right sized display cabinet to display our collectibles and hobbies.

In this post, we have two types of showcases for toy vehicles. But one is a collection of Ferraris and the other a large, long truck. Big difference in size.

What are the best IKEA hacks to display them? Let’s take a look.

#1 Adding a showcase shelf in BILLY bookcase for small collectibles

The idea behind this is that I wanted to display my little collection of Ferraris somewhere in my BILLY bookshelf properly.

So I figured out to add between two shelves a small showcase using window glass and hinges.

I wrote down the glass dimensions and I went to my local hardware store and asked the seller to cut for me a glass which in my case was 76cm x 20 cm.

I also requested him to drill a hole in the glass somewhere in the middle upper section so I could use later a handle.

Then I purchased also a pair of self locking hinges to use with the piece of glass. What I did later on was to screw the hinges in the bottom shelf install the window in the hinges and the handle and voila!

display cabinet for collectibles hacked in BILLY bookcase shelf

The photos I believe are self explanatory.

Good luck to the ones who will try this.

It’s very easy to hack a display cabinet for your collectibles in your BILLY bookcase.

~ by Dimo

#2 Double BESTÅ display cabinet for long items

If you need a horizontal display cabinet, good luck finding a large one.

You can make one though by removing the midsection of the BESTÅ wall mounted cabinet.

IKEA item used:

IKEA BESTÅ double box wall mounted glass cabinet
Wall mounting

Other tools and materials:

Circular saw
Measuring tools
Paper cloth

Here’s how I did it:

Do not assemble the BESTÅ cabinet. If you have it already mounted, remove the cabinet from the wall and disassemble the middle supporting vertical panel.

Cut the panel at 5 cm off the edges. Note that the rest of it is hollow as you move further into the center of the panel. It should leave you with two pieces — one for the back and one for the front of the cabinet.

hacking IKEA BESTÅ horizontal wall mounted glass display cabinet for long items

Be careful not to cut off any of the mounting holes in the middle panel. You will still need them.

Paint the visible wood and mount everything like the instructions tell. You can use a drop of glue to stop the middle pillar from turning.

IKEA BESTÅ horizontal wall mounted glass display cabinet for long items
IKEA BESTÅ horizontal wall mounted glass display cabinet for long items

~ by Martin