Adding a showcase display in Billy bookshelf


The idea behind this is that I wanted to display my little collection of Ferraris somewhere in my Billy bookshelf properly. So I figured out to add between two shelves a small show case using window glass and hinges. I wrote down the glass dimensions and I went to my local hardware store and asked the seller to cut for me a glass which in my case was 76cm x 20 cm.

hinge installed
hinge screwed in

I also requested him to drill a hole in the glass somewhere in the middle upper section so I could use later a handle. Then I purchased also a pair of self locking hinges to use with the piece of glass. What I did later on was to screw the hinges in the bottom shelf install the window in the hinges and the handle and voila!!!!! The photos I believe are self explained. Good luck to the ones that will try it! It’s very easy!!!

showcase foto