BESTA wine rack hack!

hack photo 6

We wanted some wine storage under our kitchen island and discovered the BESTÅ units are the perfect depth — but don’t offer a good bottle storage solution. There are a couple great wine rack hacks here, but none had a look that I liked. Instead, I took some OBSERVATÖR bottle racks (for use with the GORM series), cut them to size, and used some oak trim as brackets to hold them in place in my BESTÅ!

– BESTÅ white shelf unit (401.340.50)
– 2 (extra) INREDA shelves (701.371.13)
– 8 OBSERVATÖR bottle racks (001.981.00)
– wood trim to make 16 brackets about 13-3/4 in. long
– wood stain (optional)
– rotary tool
– drill
– safety glasses

1) Select and cut your brackets! I used oak stop molding (3/8 in. x 1-1/4 in.), cut to about 13-3/4 in. long. They were longer than necessary so the bottom ones would cover the front fastening screws of the BESTÅ, for a more finished look. I stained each to match the kitchen cabinet color.

2) Cut your OBSERVATÖR bottle racks to size! On either end, cut the middle cross-wires flush with the struts, and leave the front and back cross-wires about 1/2 in. longer. The total length should be about 22 in. (interior BESTÅ width is 22-3/16 in.). I used a rotary tool with a cut-off wheel for the cuts, then a grinding bit to smooth the cut edges.

hack photo 1 hack photo 2

3) Drill the receiving holes in your brackets! I used a 9/64 in. bit because I wanted a tight fit. I made an extra bracket and positioned the holes in it so the racks would be as far back in the cabinet as possible, with the cross-wires resting on the shelf for support. I used this bracket as a template for proper hole positioning on all the rest.

4) Insert your cut bottle racks into the brackets! Use some spit because it’ll be tight.

hack photo 3

5) Put your bracketed rack in the BESTÅ! Because your holes are tight, you can use friction to hold each bracketed racks in place. The racks may bow up a bit, but once the bottles are on, they’ll be fine.

hack photo 4

6) Repeat with a bracketed rack for each shelf! I spaced the shelves with three “holes” visible between each. This is enough for all but the widest wine bottles (and some champagne bottles).

hack photo 5

End result: storage for 48 bottles, plus some additional space. We use the super short top shelf to hold placemats, and positioned the wine cabinet next to a BESTÅ drawer unit, both on chrome BESTÅ underframes.

hack photo 6