20 Creative IKEA BESTÅ Hacks to Inspire you to get your DIY on

IKEA’s range of storage furniture in the BESTÅ series is so versatile with pre-designed combinations that you can quickly adapt them to your living space or any room in your home. They have basic cabinet units that you can use as single items or to create your own unique storage unit. 


Plus, this range is highly customizable with all the different parts and accessories that are available in this range. IKEA also has a page on the BESTÅ range that allows you to design your personal storage space ideas or browse through ready-made designs for inspiration.


Even without a hack, the IKEA BESTÅ offers lots of possible combinations to reflect your style and storage needs. Add the many knobs, drawer pulls and legs you can install, it’s no wonder the BESTÅ is one of the most popular ranges from the Swedish Furniture store. 


How to hack the IKEA BESTÅ?


ikea besta hack


We recommend that you first browse the Pre-Designed Combinations on the IKEA website to select the furniture piece that best fits your requirements. You’ll find all sorts of combinations – from storage cabinets, media furniture to sideboards to choose from. These combinations are excellent jump-off points to any IKEA BESTÅ hacking.


If the Pre-Designed Combinations do not hit the mark, then go to the Basic Storage Units. They work like building blocks, and you can build your own unit or gradually add on as needed. It’s a great starting point that offers enough storage for smaller spaces with plenty of options for customizing the style and feel of your design.


Finally, comb through the BESTÅ parts and accessories. In this section, you’ll find a variety of BESTÅ doors (or make your own 3D custom door), drawer fronts, lighting, top panels, and more. 


Now that you have the basic storage module figured out, let’s start the creative process.


Plan your hack


ikea besta cabinet hack


What are you hacking it for? Have a clear goal or end result in mind. Personally, I like to get things down on paper.

• Sketch a diagram with measurements. 

• Write down the entire hacking process. Visualise in your mind how each piece fits in the process.

• List down all supplies and tools you may need. And the cost of each item, if budget is a concern.  

• If needed, create a moodboard to solidify your ideas.


Do your research


Chances are somebody somewhere has hacked something similar.

• Browse IKEA Hackers for ideas and brush up on skills you may need for the hack.

• Sift through Pinterest for a look and style that you like.

• Youtube tutorial videos are a great help in learning how to handle tools, paints and other raw materials. 


Now that you have a frame work, it’s time for more inspiration!


IKEA Hacks For The BESTÅ Range


You can easily personalize the BESTÅ for any storage need, seriously. I like it as a clean and modern media console, or a floating credenza to display all your favorite things. 


There are so many ideas and hacks that you can create almost anything your need. It makes for crafty and handy storage spaces that you can easily hack. For instance, this handy BESTÅ storage footstool, it’s a great way to create a movable dual-function storage unit to pack away blankets or kid’s toys and have a functional footstool to put up your feet after a long hard day.


Or how about this clever top-entry BESTÅ litterbox hack. The frame panels are made of particle and fibreboard with honeycomb paper filling, which, by the way, is 100% recyclable, so it’s easy to cut and can quickly be filled and edged to hide the unsightly box of your cats’ toilet in any room. Your cat will also enjoy some privacy when on the job.


Be inspired by our collection of IKEA BESTÅ hacks and start your DIY project today.