Combining 2 HEMNES console tables into 1

It all has started when me and my wife realized that 1 Hemnes table is not enough and 2 is too much. ‘What’s the problem, then?’, – we said to each other, – ‘Let’s cut 1 quarter of a table and combine them together!’

To repeat our hack you’ll need:

  • 2 HEMNES console tables
  • A jigsaw or something that can saw wood
  • An electric drill
  • Drill bits for wood 5mm, 8mm and a Fornstner one – 15mm
  • A sander
  • A pencil and a ruler

The idea is quite simple – we build one table as it is. Then we cut 1/4 of the second one and attach it to the first one. To save little space we decided to use the same leg for both halves, so 1 leg was left and we have it 3-legged. Also, one of tasks was to make it possible to keep our audiospeakers, which is a little hack by itself.

Step #1 – build a table and cut a window for audiospeaker.

If you don’t need a window for audiospeaker, just build it by instruction, but do NOT attach the cover and shared leg.

Step #1.1 – mark a shelf board


Step #1.2 – cut it and sand it

WP_20140712_008[1] WP_20140712_009[1]

Step #2 –  mark and drill the shared leg

Take a leg and move all the holes to another side with exacly the same sizes and positions. You’ll use 8mm bit for joints and 5mm one for screws.

WP_20140712_014[1] WP_20140713_002[1]

Step #3 – keep moving


Step #4 – cut the cover

To save more space cut the cover to make it on the same line with the sideboard.

WP_20140712_012[1] WP_20140712_013[1]

Step #4.1 – make it even shorter

Since we want to share one leg, cut another side of the cover 15mm more in order to leave some space for another cover. (And watch the direction of cutting, otherwise you’ll repeat my mistake)


Step #5 – cut’em all

Measure distance you need for 3 cells. In my case it was something like 40 7/8 in. Cut all side boards and bottom board.


Step #6 – make new holes

WP_20140713_004[1] WP_20140713_005[1]


Step #next – build it for God’s sake

I must apologize I was so carried away with the process that I forgot to take photos. The last things to do are

  • cut the cover (don’t forget that you need to add 15mm)
  • audiospeaker window (if you need it)
  • cut the shelf
  • turn it upside down
  • attach one table to another
  • attach bottom sideboards and the last leg
  • screw the cover
  • call your friend and ask him to help you (I’m not sure you’ll be able to turn it over by yourself without damaging it)

Enjoy the result