IKEA Console Table Hack: 3 Simple DIY projects

IKEA console table hack

One of the most popular ways to decorate the space at the entrance or a hallway is to use a console table — which is the fancy name for a long, narrow table, with or without storage. The table is usually placed flush against the wall, below artwork or mirrors and wall sconces. The flat table top is handy for displaying decorative items and serving as a catch-all space for sunglasses, wallets etc.

It is also an accent piece of furniture that can be dressed up with items such as lamps, vases and picture frames. Adding these touches will warm up the space and create a welcoming entryway. Besides the entrance, console tables can be used as a sofa table or as storage behind the couch.

IKEA offers a number of console tables in various shapes and styles. Our current favorite is the LISTERBY table. We love its curved profile. We also fancy the LIATORP with its glass table top and tapered legs which creates a light airy style.

The PANGET is a good choice if you’re looking for a more traditional farmhouse style accent table. The three drawers are useful for organising small items like keys and watches. For an affordable table, the LACK console table sells for less than $100 and carries the signature IKEA style. IMHO, it screams “Pick me up and hack me into something more exciting.”

Instead of a console table, you can use other pieces of furniture to dress up the entryway, such as a dresser, shoe cabinets like the TRONES or HEMNES. A row of BILLY bookshelves, even a bench can do the trick.

And of course, you can also do a little hack to turn a piece of IKEA furniture into a console table. Let’s take a look at 3 that did just that.

IKEA KALLAX shelf to Console Table Desk hack

IKEA KALLAX console desk table hack

I needed a desk that was long but slim enough for a hallway. The IKEA KALLAX 15” depth and 57” width was perfect.

Items used:

  • 2×4 KALLAX shelving unit
  • Caster wheel
  • Allen wrench
  • Drill

KALLAX desk step-by-step process

KALLAX shelving unit in black brown

My KALLAX shelf unit was already assembled. You can skip this step if buying new. Firstly, I dismantled the 2×4 KALLAX unit and took out all the inner shelves. I left the long top piece and two side pieces in tact.

The plan is to use the long bottom piece to brace the top piece and the two side panels along the center. What I did was to drill holes large enough to secure the two side panels to the long bottom panel which is now used as a brace. I also used the original screws to lock the pieces all together. 

Lastly, I added the caster wheels to the bottom (optional). However, later I decided to remove the wheels. It made the desk too tall and the whole thing kept moving. 

IKEA KALLAX console desk table hack
caster wheels added to KALLAX shelving unit
IKEA KALLAX console desk table hack

How long did it take and how much did it cost?

The whole process took about an hour.  Cost wise, it was just the KALLAX shelving unit, though in my case I already had it. You can get a set of 4 caster wheels from Amazon for a under $20.

What was the hardest part of the hack?

The hardest part was the screwing. You have to make sure the holes you drill are deep and wide enough.

~ by Ramon Gil

Console table hack for tapered small space

IKEA console table hack from EKBY HEMNES shelves and NIPEN legs

Our entryway narrowed down into the hallway, so a full sized console table would make it rather tight. I tried many ideas but finally decided to DIY a custom console table to fit our space. This IKEA hack is probably not for everyone but it demonstrates that you can make your furniture fit your space and not the other way round. It’s the perfect solution for us.


  • EKBY HEMNES Shelves x 3
  • IKEA NIPEN table legs x 3

This console table is made with 3 EKBY HEMNES Shelves (white) and 3 NIPEN table legs (gray).

(Ed: The EKBY HEMNES shelves are discontinued. You can try this project with other IKEA shelves such as the BERGSHULT or any solid wood plank / plywood from your local hardware store.)

Two of the shelves were laid together and a part sawn off (see image below). If you don’t have the tapered space situation, you can leave the shelf as-is, in which case you may need another leg.

The third shelf I used for the sides which I sawed also in the right size keeping it around 19 cm high, keeping the shelf width on one side and matching the other one with the part I sawed off.

The shelves were then screwed together.

Put three NIPEN legs under and your IKEA console table hack is done. (Alternative leg suggestion is the HILVER.)

~ Alda, Iceland

LACKing a Console Table

LACK tv unit made into hallway table

I needed a narrow and long console table to fit our hallway. The console also needed to have a bit of storage for some of our shoes, a basket for our scarves, etc.

So I went shopping at IKEA and came back with an idea and 2 LACK TV benches.


First, I attached the tops of 2 LACK TV benches together using brackets underneath to create a long tabletop.

I added 4 garden posts to make pretty legs and used 4 of the LACK legs doubled up to make a wide leg to support the centre. Then, I attached the original shelves to the lower part of the legs to hold boots, shoes and accessories.

LACK tv unit into entryway table

I covered the top in marble effect sticky backed vinyl and added baskets to hold incoming mail and small items. I later added another shelf to hold bags etc.

So far it works superbly for our narrow hallway.