MOPPE turned into gift box for IKEA cognac glasses

Optimal Glass

First Idea was give small cognac bottle as present. Then idea was developed and some special glasses were needed. Final product in picture below.

Optimal Glass

Materials: Ikea OPTIMAL (463.156.00) cognac glass was used (1.99 euro) and Ikea MOPPE (202.218.64) wood box 29*18*22cm (11 1/2*7*8 5/8″) (about 10 euro). Glass was carved with small stone head and drill/milling tool (8000-20000 rounds/minute). Wood Box was used as holder and also to protect glass when packed.

Below in picture is Ikea MOPPE wood box and drill used to modify the glass and small drill bits.


Below is more detailed picture about drill bits. There is two stone head bits (on left side of picture) and two diamond heads. Total cost of heads is about 20 euros. With Ikea OPTIMAL cognac glass, stone drill bits work very well but with diamonds heads two from four glasses were cracked. Diamond head make more detailed print but also deeper and because cognac glass is very thin it’s get easily broken. With thicker glass I prefer diamond head, but with Ikea OPTIMAL use stone head drill bit. Also OPTIMAL cognac glass thickness is little bit different in different side of the glass so it is better to choose the thickest side.

Drill bit

Ikea MOPPE wood box drawers were used as holder. Wood case hole (grip), where glass is hanging (picture below) was drilled bigger (normal wood drill) to connect glass better to wood case. Also Orange paper was glued to case background to make it look better (in final result picture).


Below is stone drilled/milled Ikea OPTIMAL glass. Because glass was carved with freehand some nongeometry is noticed. Course pads printed version (on paper) was back side of the glass while carving. Some details was left away from glass version because glass was so thin and diamond head bit could not be used.