How to mount mini drawers in IKEA IVAR System

Installing the IKEA MOPPE mini chest of drawers in the IVAR side unit. Very easy to do. No glue or screws needed.

IKEA items used: 

How to add mini drawers to IVAR side unit

Make 4 x 6mm holes on each side of the IKEA MOPPE box.

The top two pair of holes are situated 3.2 mm from the top edge and 2.7 mm apart.

metal rods

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I prefer centered for balance. But that is flexible.

They should fit the holes in the IVAR system.

metal rods position

Now for the bottom pair of holes, I made them 25.7 mm below. 3.2 mm from the bottom edge.

Do remove the drawers before drilling the holes.

ivar mini drawers

Push the rods from the inside through the new holes and into the IVAR holes on the side unit.

ivar moppe mini drawers

It has to be a tight fit so you may need a hammer.

The size of the metal rods fit just right to allow the drawers to move.

It is very stable and strong mount.

~ by Jens