RAST Bike Wall Mount


Materials: RAST nightstand

If you took the original item, turned it upside down and cut two open holes, one each side, then this would essential achieve the ‘design’ of this wall mounted bike rack with storage space. You would however find it impossible to accommodate the scale of this item within a bicycles inner triangle and so therefore, both the side panels and inner ‘shelves’ need trimming to suit whichever frame you have. The smaller you make it, the more you’ll be able to accommodate different frame sizes once built but this results in less storage space within the inside box for tools/bike kit. Consider this should you have more than one bike or are the type of person likely to replace your frame/bike. Future proof it!

I wanted the bike frame’s top tube to ‘suspend’ over two vertical resting points and therefore allow the top tube shape and colour to be seen across them. I had visions of wallpapering or painting this rack, instead of its pine finish, in order to best reflect the bike frame/colour and suit the wall it’s mounted to once I had redecorated the room. I am however, yet to do any of this. Free time is currently in short supply.

CAM00091 CAM00093 CAM00094 CAM00095 CAM00096 CAM00097

I also wanted somewhere to store bike items like gloves/tools/locks etc and these can be placed inside the box.

I can give a greter in depth description for manufacturing this result if requied. Thought it best to keep it simple. I used all the original parts/screws with the addition of 4x picture wall brackets screwed to the back of the rack in order to mount it to the wall.